The conference takes place at Villa Verde Congress & SPA  hotel located in the very heart of the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura. The region known as Polish Jurassic Highland, covering about a 160km span along the border of the Małopolska and Silesia provinces, is famous for a hilly landscape with Jurassic limestone rocks, cliffs, valleys and vast limestone formations, featuring some 220 caves and the wonderful world of old castles. In the past the region was defended by countless castles and fortresses whose picturesque ruins – “Eagles Nests” – now are symbols of the region. The Trail of the Eagles’ Nests is named after a chain of 25 medieval castles, which were constructed by the order of King of Poland Kazimierz the Great. Among the most famous and interesting are Ojców, Pieskowa Skała, Rabsztyn, Bydlin, Smoleń, Pilica, Ogrodzieniec, Morsko, Bobolice, Mirów and Olsztyn.

Polish Jurassic Upland is recognized as one of Poland’s most precious protected natural areas with eight official parks constituting of an over 93,984 hectares. Due to fantastic shape of the terrain Jura is also a great place for mountain biking, horseback rides and cross-country skiing.


Villa Verde Congress & SPA  hotel offers approximately 167 rooms for more than 450 participants, conference rooms with multimedia equipment and 2 restaurants.

Cost of accommodation in the hotel as well as full board are included to the conference fee. Free parking places are available for the participants of the conference. 

The address of the hotel:
Hotel Villa Verde Congress & Spa
42-400 Zawiercie
ul. Mrzygłodzka 273